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General Inspections

 This inspection covers all the major systems and components needed to better understand their operation, condition and safety. This inspection is simplified as it does not have all the added tests the others may include.

Country package
City Package

This inspection covers all the areas of a General inspection and also includes water flow test, septic dye test, radon test.

This package covers all the areas of a General inspection and also includes Wood destroying insect test, Radon test. 

Prelisting Inspections

A prelisting inspection is an inspection requested by the seller to better understand the condition of the house they are about to list for sale. Understanding the findings before you hear about them from a potential buyer puts you in a better position as a seller. Request a prelisting inspection today. Here's a list of the benefits.

    Reduces the stress of selling your home                                                       Avoid the need for renogotiation

    Helps you with pricing your home correctly                                                 Helps improve the buyers confidence

    Speeds up the sale process                                                                             Puts you in control

    Allows you to make the repairs ahead of time                                             Avoid unpleasant surprises

11 Month Inspection

INew York State requires all new homes to have a 12 month warranty included called the Housing Merchant Implied Warranty.

 It does not need to be written in the original contract as it's automatically included. It protects new home owners against faulty workmanship and defective materials. An 11 month warranty will give you enough time to find any issues before the time runs out.  It's good peace of mind to know no issues are waiting to be discovered.  

Roof inspection

The roof is the only thing between the elements and the rest of the house and it's belongings. It is one of the most important components of the structure. The number one concern on homeowners is the condition of the roof. Calling a roofing contractor to ask if your roof needs replacing is sure to lead to an estimate rather than calling out a few defects and repairing them which could save you thousands of dollars. If you have concerns on the condition of your roof, call and have  a licenced inspector inspect your roof who will give you an unbiased report on their findings.  This inspection includes the roof surface and flashings. Gutters and downspouts. Attic area including roof deck, roof framing, insulation depth and ventilation components. 

New Construction inspection

When buying an existing home, there's no question on wanting it inspected. Understanding its condition is important prior to your  commitment to its purchase. 

  Newer homes might not seem as obvious of a decision. Why would I need an inspection when everything is new?  You'd be surprised on what gets overlooked when at times, its rushed to complete to meet a dead line.  And sometimes mistakes just plain happen especially when numerous subcontractors may be  involved throughout the entire construction process.

General Inspection

This is an inspection of all the major components of the home including


Ext walls

Ext grounds



General interior

Kitchen, Baths

Plumbing system

Water heater

Electrical system

Heating and A/C system

Basement, Foundation

Safety concerns

This inspection covers the same areas as the general inspection but also includes the following

Septic dye test

Water flow test

Radon test

Country package

Pre listing inspection
11 month inspection
New Construction inspection


These inspections covers the same areas as the general inspection

City Package

This inspection covers the same areas as the general inspection but also includes the following

Wood destroying insect inspection

Radon test

Roof inspection

This is an inspection of all the related components of the roof including

Roof material


Gutters, Downspouts

Attic area

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